Chemistry Course

  • Department Of Chemistry:

    The department was established in 1992 as a Undergraduate department. Subesquently in 2007 depatment was recognised with Post Graduate course. It has well equiped U.G and P.G Laboratory.

For Under Graduate :

  • Chemistry / Microbiology / Zoology
  • Chemistry / Microbiology / Botany
  • Chemistry / Microbiology / Zoology
  • Chemistry / Microbiology / Botany
  • Chemistry / Microbiology / Zoology
  • Chemistry / Microbiology / Biotechnology

For Post Graduation :

  • M.Sc. Organic Chemistry with Elective paper Medicinal Chemistry
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry – No. of Students Registered – 2

Major Instruments and Equipments available:

    • Visible spectrophotometer
    • UV-Vis spectrophotometer
    • Muffle furnace
    • lectrical digital balance
    • Digital Analytical Balance

Technical Staff:

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Expe-rienced
1. Dr. Mrs. A. S. Mahakalkar MSc., Ph.D Asso. Prof. & Head Inorganic 21
2. Dr. Mrs. N. S. Dhoble MSc., PhD Asso. Prof. Organic 21
3. Dr. Mrs. M. P. Patil MSc. Ph.D Asso. Prof. Physical 18
4. Dr. Mrs. P. P. Chahande MSc. Ph.D Assist. Prof. Organic 16
5. Mrs. A. M. Duragkar MSc.NET Assist. Prof. Organic 16

Non Teaching Staff:

  • Mr. PurushottamS.Shelke ( Lab Attendant)
  • Mr. Gopal S. Chaple ( Lab Attendant)

Research Areas:

Polymer Chemistry ,EnviornmentalChemistry,Photo LuminescenceDosimetry, synthesis of Phospor for solid state lighting , Adsorption studies, Dyes .
Sr.No. Title of the Projects Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Sanctioned Status
1. Synthesis, and Characterisation, of Co-ordination Polymers of Some Transituion Metal Ions UGC New Delhi Dr. A. S. Mahakalkar (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Mrs. P. P. Chahande
60,000/- Completed
2. Development of silicate based inorganic nanophosphors and its UGC New Delhi Dr. N. S. Dhoble (Principal Investigator) 2,00,000/- Completed
3. Synthesis ,characterization structural studies and applications of Supramolecules UGC New Delhi Dr. A. S. Mahakalkar (Principal Investigator)
Mrs. A. M. Duragkar (co-Investigator)
1,10,000/- Completed
4. Major RP Development and characterization of high sensitive inorganic phosphors for thermoluminescence dosimetry. BRNS, Mumbai Dr. N. S. Dhoble
(Co- Investigator) Dr.S.J.Dhoble (Principal Investigator)
Dept of Physics PGTD RTM Nagpur UNIV
32,21,000/- Completed
5. Major RP Risk assessment of heavy metal toxicity (biomagnifications) through contaminated vegetables from wastewater (Nag River) irrigated area of Nagpur, India. Synthesis ,characterization structural UGC New Delhi Dr. A. S. Mahakalkar (Principal Investigator) Dr. Mrs. M. P. Patil (co-Investigator) 9,21,200/- Completed

Workshops / Seminar organized in last five years:

Conference/Seminar/ Workshop Title Source of Funding
a) NationalConference Recent trends in life sciences, material sciences & home sciences, 04/10/2015 UGC
b) International Conference II World Congress For Man & Nature -2012 Global change : Impact on biodiversity, cultures and technology Date – 3,4,5,Nov. 2012 International Conference WCMANU-2012 Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Nagpur [3,4,5th Nov. 2012 ] UGC
  • Highlights of the Department:
    • Received recognition as a Centre for Research place (2014-15)
    • Faculties recognized as PhD supervisor
    • The department has published 87 research papers in International and 17 papers in

National journals in the last 5 years.

  • The faculty members have published total 42 books with ISBN numbers and a

  • chapter in a book of CRC publication.

  • One of the research papers published has an impact factor of 5.907.
    • Contact:

      Dr. Mrs. A. S. Mahakalkar
      Associate Prof. & Head
      Department of Chemistry
      Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur
      Mob. No. 9096844650
      E mail Id –

    Photos of Chemistry Department