Mathematics Course

  • Departmental Introduction:

    The department of Mathematics was established in the year 2005 in view of rigorous development in mathematics. It is basic comcept to make aware and to spread the knowledge of Mathematics for upcoming generation.
    The department subscribes journals of National and International repute for staff and studenof the college. There is huge collection of textbooks and encyclopedias on Mathematics.

Teaching Staff:

Sr. Name Qualification Designation
1. Ms. Rjani Shelote M.Sc. Cont. Lecturer
2. Mr. Ajay Choubey M.Sc. Cont. Lecturer
  • Highlights of the Department:
    • The department is providing undergraduate course on Mathematics.
    • Students are well acquainted by organizing study tours and new developments in Mathematics with Internet facility.
    • College feilcitates top ranked students.
    • Department exploiting the students for research orientation by involving them in research projects.
    • Department taking extra care about all round personality development by organizing seminar, group discussion, competition and other        related activities.
  • Contact:

    Mr. Prabhakar R. Bhandari
    Mob. No. : +91-94221-20447
    E-mail : OR